The AMICA Story

Welcome, Mama. Take a deep breath, we got you.

The idea for AMICA was born in 2021, during the throws of the pandemic, a result of some deep reflection on the particular challenges we as mothers endure. It is not only the pandemic that pushed us to our limits, exhausted us, and affected our mental and physical health. Motherhood, even in the best of times, will do this.

Moms are absolutely amazing. But let’s face it, this is some hard sh*t.

As a nutritionist, meditation teacher, entrepreneur, and mother, I understand the toll that chronic stress takes on moms. And I think it's important for us to have stress-relief tools that easily fit into our busy lives. For years I have loved using herbs and nutrients to support my nervous system. The pandemic inspired me to share these nutrition-based solutions with other stressed mamas. AMICA is my way of sharing practical wellness with moms everywhere. 

We may never get peace and quiet. But we can feel more peaceful. I promise.

💋 ~Stephanie (Mom & Founder, AMICA)